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Client Testimonials

See what some of our clients have enjoyed most when working with Lewis Financial Group:

“He is a very good listener and very organized. He anticipates very well and usually knows my questions before I ask them. I can count on Craig to express a genuine interest in my life and my family. I can also count on Craig to do whatever it takes to see that I completely understand how we are going about taking care of our financial needs. He is steady and calm and he has a manner that is very reassuring.”
- Kathleen L., Veterinarian’s Wife

“Very personal. Has the ability to work with people at all levels and explains in detail how things should work. Craig goes the extra mile in all things. What he says or explains is what you can count on as being truth and gospel. He is there to answer or find the answer to any questions and he knows how to set your mind at ease with your financial matters. He’s honest, sincere, and has impeccable character. He is a friend’s friend.”
- Harold R., Retired Corporate Executive

“Craig has an ability to identify with his clients and come down to their level or up, as the situation dictates; he has the ability to educate and teach his clients ... no matter how long it might take to convey the concept. Very responsive and professional; looks out for his clients ... earnestly attempts to understand their needs and suggests appropriate products based upon their risk tolerance. Craig is warm, kind, and trustworthy. He is genuine and one feels he has their welfare at heart. He is fun and enjoyable to be around. I feel he is “other-centered” and always tries to make his client feel comfortable.”
- George F., Hospital Administrator

“Craig interacts well with people, largely because he is perceptive and intuitive; he is a good listener. He “takes care of business” by knowing what he is talking about through continuing education and by following through timely and effectively. Craig is very efficient and I can count on him to work diligently on a matter until its completion.”
- Deryl M., Tax Attorney

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